PBY Services

Storage & Covering

Parker’s Boat Yard provides indoor or outdoor storage for over 100 boats. Most of our storage is on site, including a large indoor storage bay that is temperature controlled. The other large storage bay is used for winter work and early commissioning projects.

We launch boats starting mid-March. Launching order depends on yard placement. If you would like to be in the water early, please make sure that you make us aware of that in the fall. Also, please be aware that because of low telephone wires, masts must come down when storing at our yard.

PBY installs shrink wrap or canvas covers. Our shrink wrap covers include a wooden frame for height and a door for easy access. If you would like to purchase a custom fit canvas cover, please contact the office and we will make the arrangements.

For additional storage information please call the office at 508.563.9366.