Established in 1960, Parker’s Boat Yard is a family run yard rich in history. Bruce Parker, president and CEO has run the boat yard for the past 31 years. His father, Raz Parker came to Cape Cod in 1948 to pursue his dream of owning a boat yard. He leased Robinson’s Boat Yard before purchasing the facility to run the boat yard as Parker’s. The yard consisted of a simple marine railway used to haul and launch boats. There were 12 moorings and six slips. Raz had four employees to start. His vision was to expand his business but keep the family run atmosphere. Over the years Raz pursued many different endeavors including boat building, chartering and major renovation projects. He was an innovator, and is a constant inspiration for us to do our best. Bruce has taken Raz’s vision and expanded to a full-service boat yard with 17 full-time employees and six part-time employees. Bruce holds each employee to the highest standards and hopes that this exemplary work keeps Parker’s Boat Yard thriving for years to come.