Parker’s Boat Yard is committed to keeping Red Brook Harbor and surrounding bays clean and safe for swimming and boating. Below please find a list of yard policies, which reflect federal and state laws on water pollution. We’ve listed some best practices we expect from our customers, and have suggested some ways we can help you implement these practices. Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns regarding the information below.

  • Absolutely no discharge of raw sewage or oily bilge water is allowed in the local waters surrounding Parker’s Boat Yard docks and moorings.
  • Any oil or fuel spill must be reported immediately to the Parker’s Boat Yard office, and the National Response Center (1.800.424.8802) or our local U.S. Coast Guard Office by phone (1.508.294.4665) or VHF Radio, (Channel 16).
  • Boat owners are subject to any federal, state, local, and Coast Guard fines or penalties applicable to fuel, oil, or sewer discharge.
  • Boat owners will be liable for the cost of any cleanup or containment measures performed by Parker’s Boat Yard in response to the violation of the above requirements.
  • Boat owners, whose boats are identified as a source of pollution, could be subject to forfeiture of slip or mooring without reimbursement, especially if:
  • The incident is the result of a foreseeable cause, such as accumulated or existing oil in bilge
  • Persistent or pre-existing fuel or oil leaks from engine or machinery
  • The result of poor or improper maintenance.
  • All boat owners are expected to keep the bilges of their vessels clean and free of contaminants.

In order to help customers comply with these requirements…

  • Parker’s Boat Yard has available oil absorbent cloths, which should be in place under engines and fuel filters, to keep contaminants from combining with any water which could be present in bilges.
  • Parker’s Boat Yard can remove and replace oil and filters cleanly and dispose of used oil and filters in compliance with all environment and state codes. No containers full of oil should be left on the premises, including by the dumpster or gas dock. For proper disposal of waste oil, please bring waste oil to the PBY Office during regular office hours.
  • Parker’s Boat Yard offers all slip and mooring customers free holding tank pumpouts at our fuel dock during regular business hours. Alternatively, you can arrange for the Town of Bourne Pumpout Boat to perform holding tank pumpouts by hailing the Bourne Pumpout Boat on VHF Channel 9 or 16, or by calling the Monument Beach Marina (508.759.3105). The Town requires the boat owner or his representative to be on board at the time of service.
  • In the event of a fuel or oil spill Parker’s Boat Yard has oil booms and other oil absorbing media on hand to contain and absorb pollutants.
  • All boat owners are encouraged to use environmentally friendly soaps and cleaners for dish washing, deck washing, and all or any cleaning done aboard on the water. Parker’s Boat Yard has taken the lead by experimenting with a variety of available “green cleaner” choices and passing on to you what we’ve learned and recommend.

If the unexpected happens, remember we can help. Working together we can keep Red Brook Harbor and surrounding bays clean for many years to come.