Environmental Policies

Environmental Policy Statement

The management and staff at Parker’s Boat Yard are committed to protecting and preserving the waters of Red Brook Harbor. Our continuing efforts toward a clean and healthy environment will help to ensure that future generations of boaters and marine life will benefit from a clean and healthy place to exist.

Every effort is made to not only comply with all national, state, and local regulations, but whenever possible, exceed the requirements of these regulations.

It is necessary for all Parker’s Boat Yard employees and customers to work together in achieving this important and vital goal.

For example…

In keeping with this commitment, Parker’s Boat Yard purchased an electropulse wash recycle system for our pressure washer. We began plans and engineering in January of 2007 and secured approval by the local conservation commission at a public hearing in March. In July, we took delivery of our new system and promptly began installation. After the underground tanks and plumbing were installed, the necessary electrical and plumbing connections were implemented, and we were ready to recycle. This system incorporates an electric charge to the water, which creates an attraction between particles in the water, causing the particles to clump together and rapidly fall out of suspension. We are very proud that we were one of the initial leaders in implementing this important recycle system.