About the Area

Occasionally it is necessary to document some of our yard policies. Our reasoning is to refresh longer standing customers on our policies and inform new customers of these policies. Please let us know if you have any suggestions you feel we should consider.

  • Launch service is provided from Memorial Day through Labor Day from 8am to 8pm, daily, and from Labor Day through Columbus Day from 8am to 4:45pm, Monday through Thursday, and 8am to Sunset, Friday through Sunday.
  • Mooring customers who keep a dinghy at the yard have the option of storing it on shore in the designated area by the waterfront or tying it to the dinghy dock. A dinghy is considered a small boat no larger than ten feet. All mooring customers who keep a dinghy at PBY must acquire a Dinghy Permit sticker and affix it to their dinghy. The sticker will identify the dinghy as one belonging to a PBY customer. Please see our launch staff to receive your sticker. To help us manage the number of dinghies at the dock, please consider the following:
    • Is your dinghy necessary? Remember, launch service runs from 8am to 8pm daily during the summer.
    • Are you an occasional dinghy user? Why not store your dinghy on shore in the designated area by the waterfront, and then launch it only when you need it. If your inflatable or hard dinghy is stored on shore upside down with outboard removed, you may request to store your motor in one of our buildings. Please inquire.
    • Are you often on the water after launch hours? You may want to store your dinghy tied to the stern of your moored boat.
  • Boats should be locked; please leave a key and/or a combination with the PBY office.
  • Customers should provide sufficient docklines and fenders to secure their boat properly for hauling and launching services. Also leave bilge pump handles and shore power cords readily accessible.
  • Tall buoys or special pick-up buoys should be supplied by the mooring customer at spring commissioning and removed by the mooring customer at fall decommissioning.
  • Cars should be parked away from shed doors, stockroom overhead door, and other designated No Parking areas.
  • Before leaving on a cruise, please fill out a Float Plan with the Launch Crew. Include your departure date and return date so we can efficiently use our mooring field. If your cruising plans change, please notify us and we’ll be sure to have your mooring available when you return. If you leave your car in the PBY lot, be sure to leave a set of keys in the office.
  • Mooring customers who bring their boats into PBY docks may tie-up for not more than one hour. PBY docks are used primarily for PBY work and for mooring customers to pick-up and drop-off guests, take on supplies, and occasionally wash down their boats. Customers who tie-up for longer than one hour must obtain prior approval and should expect to pay a dockage fee. Please contact the PBY Launch Staff (CH69) or the PBY Office (508.563.9366) to make arrangements.
  • We are happy to accommodate anyone who requests overnight dockage should there be space available. The charge for overnight dockage is $3.00 per foot, per night. The docks are very costly to permit, construct, and maintain; therefore, we feel it is necessary to charge for their use.
  • A PBY store and gas charge account may be opened for storage, seasonal mooring and slip customers only.
  • Yard buildings and shop areas are for the exclusive use of PBY employees. To ensure your safety, before entering indoor work areas, please check with yard personnel.
  • Requests for work to be done by PBY staff must be scheduled through the PBY office. Work cannot be scheduled if the boat owner’s account is past due. As a full service yard with skilled technicians and craftsmen, PBY expects to perform the majority of work done on the premises.
  • Outside contractors must obtain prior approval from PBY and provide PBY with proof of workmen’s compensation and liability coverage before working at PBY. All billing for contracted services must be billed through the PBY office, and a fee for facility use, including dockage and power, will be added to your final invoice.
  • PBY tools will be loaned to customers only when a yard staff member accompanies the tool. The customer will be charged the hourly rate for the use of the tool and the yard staff member’s time.
  • For primarily environmental reasons, PBY reserves the right to perform all work below the waterline of a vessel stored at the yard. Bottom paint and materials must be supplied by PBY.
  • PBY must have authorization from the boat owner before any broker, prospective purchaser, surveyor, or insurance investigator is permitted aboard a boat.
  • Transient customers must pay their account in full before leaving PBY.

Thank you for taking the time to read the above PBY policies.